Welcome to Cedar Island Marina
34 Riverside Drive, Clinton, CT
41°15'56"N   72°31'33"W
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Welcome to Cedar Island Marina!

Nestled in between a protected residential area and Hammonasset Nature Preserve, Cedar Island Marina is a perfect choice both seasonally and as a transient. Consistently rated one of the best marinas on the Connecticut Shoreline, we invite you to view our full-service facilities and to meet our expert staff whose experience in the marine industry is unmatched.

At Cedar Island Marina, we offer more than just a slip to tie up at. We offer a community of diverse boaters and a complete summer experience. From those looking to go fishing early on a Saturday morning, those looking to relax with their families on a Sunday afternoon, or those looking to stay up way too late on a Friday night, we are confident you will find likeminded individuals here.

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Whats New at Cedar Island Marina?

  • Clinton Harbor New Pumpout Boat
  • Clinton Harbor finally has a Pumpout Boat

  • May 19, 2014

  • Clinton Harbor FINALLY has a Pumpout Boat!

    Coastal Environmental Services Inc. (CES) and Cedar Island Marina are pleased to announce the introduction of a marine pumpout boat, which will service marinas in Clinton Harbor, Madison, Westbrook, and Old Saybrook. Clinton Harbor is home to one of the busiest recreational boating areas in Connecticut, comprised of over 10 marinas with almost 1,000 boats berthed in the harbor and contiguous rivers during the summer. 

    A partnership between the Connecticut River Department of Health, The East Shore District Health Department, CES, the towns of Clinton, Old Saybrook, Westbrook, The State Department of Environmental and Energy Protection, and Cedar Island Marina has made this service possible for boaters in the area. Funding for 75% the pumpout services comes from the Sportfish Restoration Program. The remaining 25% of the funding is going to be provided through user donations and town contributions. 

    The arrival of the pumpout boat addresses the ongoing concern of boaters dumping their waste into the harbor. Before the boat, the only way to discharge waste was to drive a vessel to a shore based facility, like the fuel dock at Cedar Island Marina. A pumpout boat allows for faster, direct service to the user, without the hassle of having to move their boat. Additionally, CES uses a secure on-line reservation system ( that enables boaters to request immediate, on-demand pumpouts, and also schedule pumpouts in the future. All these aspects make clean discharges easy for boaters, reducing pollution into the Long Island Sound.

    Enforcement of dumping waste overboard is hard as often times the dumping takes place outside of regular hours of operation, with few people around. The addition of the pumpout boat should alleviate most illegal dumping, making Clinton waters clean and healthy.

    The boat is partially funded by CT DEEP, allowing free service for all boaters. Users can register online and immediately begin scheduling pumpouts. The boat will be operational Memorial Day with regula operating hours from 9:00am – 7:00pm Saturday and Sunday. The vessel will be berthed at Cedar Island Marina, though any boater in the area can use it. To schedule a pumpout call 860-514-7664, hail on VHF Channel 68, or register online at More information about the program can be found Program support can be made at

  • Summer Camp Discount
  • Early Signup Discount for Summer Camp

  • May 01, 2014

  • We are offering an EARLY SIGNUP DISCOUNT for our Adventure Summer Camp. If you signup by May 16, you receive 10% off. If the child's parents are members of Cedar Island Marina and they signup by May 16, they receive 20% off. Signup Today!

  • The Service Department is in Full Swing!

  • April 11, 2014

  • Our service department had a very busy winter, and now we are more than ready to switch gears into an even busier spring and summer season!

    We are ready to work on the projects you need completed before it's time launch! Please call Lynn in the service department at 860-669-8681 Ext. 14 to schedule your work today!

    Pictured to the right are two members of our service staff applying a gelcoat of Awlgrip to finish a custom fabricated hardtop.

  • Cedar Island Marina Adventure Summer Camp!

  • April 01, 2014

  • The Cedar Island Marina Research Lab is proud to offer our Adventure Summer Camp for the summer of 2014. This program offers children a unique and fun hands-on experience studying marine biology in one of the most diverse environments in Connecticut. 

    Our campers will canoe to several environments where they will preform scientific experiments with our marine biologists. Marine critters will also be collected each day and brought back to the lab to be kept in each groups saltwater aquarium. 

    For more information please click the link above. 

    To reserve your spot, email or call today!

  • Cedar Island Marina Dredging
  • Dredging of the Entire Marina is Complete!

  • April 01, 2014

  • Despite breakdowns, snow, ice, wind (and more snow) we have completed our dredging project as of March 5th, 2014! Last year, as many of you know, Mobile Dredge Corp. dredged the Clinton Channel to 8.5' MLW. This year, the marina basin has been dredged to 8' MLW for 40' slips and 7' MLW for under 40' slips. 

  • Aerial View of Cedar Island Marina
  • New Aerial Photographs Taken

  • August 06, 2013

  • We just got new aerial photos from Tom Walsh of Shoreline Aerial Photography. We are incredibly impressed with how they turned out! Please check out our gallery for more great pictures (linked in the above title). Also, if anyone is interested, Tom has these pictures for sale and also has incredibly reasonable prices for custom aerial photography. He even sells pictures on merchandise like coffee mugs, cards, etc. Please check out the gallery and his website!

  • New Fitness Center
  • New Fitness Center Open

  • July 02, 2013

  • We are pleased to announce that construction of our fitness center is complete. The fitness center has 4 cardio machines: an eliptacal, a bike, and two treadmills. There is a stretching area with mats, stretch cords, yoga blocks, and an ab machine. Also, there is an all-in-one LifeFitness dual adjustable pulley for weight lifting.  It is equipped with a Television, Air Conditioning, and Heat. It is open from 7:30am - 7:30pm everyday. Please check it out!

  • Western Side of Outer Marina Dredged

  • April 29, 2013

  • After Mobile Dredge completed the channel dredging, we hired them to dredge the outer end of the marina where we had a large buildup of silt due to Irene and Sandy. They dredged from the outer end of H dock to the end of K dock. The shallowest depth now is 8' MLW.

  • Clinton Channel Fully Dredged

  • March 28, 2013

  • This past winter, Mobile Dredging & Pumping Company was awarded a contract by the Army Corps of Engineers to restore the channel to its original size. This means that the channel is AT LEAST 8’ deep at mean low tide and 100’ wide. After a few weather and political setbacks, Mobile Dredge was able to complete the job. The dredging effort was a joint project with CT Department of Environmental Protection to restore beach erosion at Hammonasset State Park. The dredge was hooked up to a pipe that was approximately 2.5 miles long and the sand at the bottom of the channel was pumped onto the beach. All of this means that we will be able to accommodate (even at low tide) boats with a deeper draft than before!