Welcome to Cedar Island Marina
34 Riverside Drive, Clinton, CT
41°15'56"N   72°31'33"W
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Connecticut Boat Yard Service Department

Boat Repair / Paint / Mechanical 

(860)-669-8681 Ext. 14



Whether your boat needs a total restoration, an engine overhaul, or minor repair work, our yacht yard's year-round professional service staff are always at your service. Our well versed and highly trained service staff has more experience than almost any other service department in the industry, cumulatively possessing centuries of experience. Our diversity of expertise ranges from vintage to modern vessels, both small and large, power and sail. Our services consist of fiberglass/paint, mechanical, and custom carpentry. We vigorously continue our education throughout the year in order to remain updated on the newest products and technology in order to offer you the most cutting edge services available.

 Our Boat Yard is Located in Clinton, Connecticut - Only 10 Minutes from Long Island Sound!


           Many of the paint companies have so much faith in our staff and facilities that we are a primary test center for their product development.

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Our Boat Yard has some of the most experience in Connecticut and on Long Island Sound painting with AwlGrip®, Interlux®, Pettit®, and AlexSeal®,  amongst many others. Our painters have been applying topside finishing systems for over four decades. We will work with our customers to find the best paint for their demands.

We also continuously learn and use new paint and finishing products. We are happy to have already completed multiple jobs with one of AwlGrip’s newest products, Awlwood MA. Awlwood MA is set to replace typical varnish systems because it is cheaper, builds higher, and cures faster.

Another cutting edge product that we already have extensive experience with is Awlcraft SE. Awlcraft SE is a new high performance and high gloss metallic topcoat. It is incredibly fast drying, simple to use, and easy to repair. We work with many types of metallic paints, many of them custom blended for our customers. 

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Examples of Cedar Island Marina's Service Department

(Inside Heated Storage Located in Clinton, CT)

Painting Boats, Hulls, Bottom Painting, Fiberglass Repair


Awlgrip Hull & Arch Painting

Applying Paint to Hull of the Boat

 Paint Prep       

Finished Hull Painting 

Finished Boat Hull Paint


Prepping Arch for Painting 

Arch Prepped for Paint     Arch Prepped for Paint

Finished Arch Painting

Finished Arch Painting

This is just some of our basic service pricing

Please contact Clark or Lynn at 860-669-8681 Ext. 14 for Quotes / Clarification / or for more Extensive Pricing


Service Rates
Service Labor Rate $80.00/hr
Fiberglass Repairs $95.00/hr 
Mechanical Labor $105.00/hr 
Sanitation System Repairs $130.00/hr
Crane Rate $130.00/hr


Price Service
Labor + Materials Sandblast bottom (includes clean-up of sand and hazardous wastes)
Labor + Materials Clean thru hull fittings
Labor + Materials Repair voids
Bottom Painting Rates
  Sand & Paint, One Coat Sand & Paint, Two Coats Tracer Coat & Two Coats
up to 30' $12.00/ft $16.25/ft $22.25/ft
31' - 40' $15.50/ft $21.00/ft $27.25/ft
over 40' $20.00/ft $26.25/ft $36.00/ft
Bottom Painting Rates are for Labor Only
Labor + Materials Paint waterline only
Hauling Rates
  Quick Haul & Launch Haul, Block, & Launch
up to 30' $ 5.25/ft $ 10.50/ft
31' - 37' $ 6.00/ft $ 12.00/ft
38' - 43' $ 7.00/ft $ 14.00/ft
44' - 52' $ 10.00/ft $ 20.00/ft
over 52' $ 13.00/ft $ 26.80/ft
extra w/ mast in* $ 2.80/ft $ 5.50/ft

*If we must disconnect and re-install forestay or roller furler

Wash bottom $ 3.25/ft
Wash bottom 11/20 thru 4/1 $ 5.00/ft
Complete Tune Up
Price Service
$ 190.00 4 cylinder gas engine
$ 245.00 6 cylinder gas engine w/ electronic ignition
$ 235.00 6 cylinder gas engine w/ standard ignition
$ 260.00 8 cylinder gas engine w/ electronic ignition
$ 290.00 8 cylinder gas engine w/standard ignition
Labor and Material Electronic ignition w/ platinum plugs


All bills, past and current, must be paid in full before any boat will be launched.

A bank check may be required for past due accounts requesting an immediate launching.

The prices and services listed on this page are subject to change. For more information on our service department, call 860-669-8681 ext. 14