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This is who we are

  • Jeffrey Shapiro

  • President and Owner

  • Years Owning CIM - 43

  • Jeff purchased Cedar Island Marina in 1974 at the age of 22 after graduating college. When the marina was originally purchased, it was less than a third the size of what it is now. Throughout the almost four decades that Jeff has been the sole owner and operator of Cedar Island Marina, he has transformed it from a small yard with a few docks to one of the largest full service marinas in Connecticut. He started the service department, expanded the marina substantially, installed the pool, hot tub, snack bar, playground facilities, marine biology research lab, bathrooms, tripled the size of the restaurant, and much more.

    Since the beginning of his ownership, Jeff has been very involved in marine biology and the marine environment. He has always had a strong desire to study the symbiotic relationship marinas and docks have with the environment. In 1986 Jeff founded the Cedar Island Marina Research Lab, which in participation with local universities such as Southern Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut, has conducted hundreds of ecological and biological studies of the area, including many studies that have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Jeff was one of the first in Connecticut to demonstrably show that marinas do not have a negative impact on the environment. In fact, there are many more species of plant and animal life under our docks than in the surrounding mudflats. Our docks actually act as an artificial reef. In 1996 the US Environmental Protection Agency cited Cedar Island Marina as one of the 25 most environmentally conscious marinas in the country and in 1999 the CT Dept. of Environmental Protection awarded the Green Circle Award for Environmental Contributions.  

    Jeff is an avid boater. He holds a 100 ton Near-Coastal USCG Master's License. He is also the main operator in charge of dredging Cedar Island Marina. 

  • Kristopher Shapiro
  • Kristopher Shapiro

  • General Manager

  • Years employed - 18

  • Jeff’s son, Kris, started working at the marina at the age of 13 as a dock hand. Working from the bottom-up, Kris started as a dock hand at the fuel dock dispensing fuel, doing pump-outs (before it was self-service), and docking boats. Over time, Kris became more involved in both the yard work and the financial end of business. Currently, Kris oversees the fuel dock and transient business with Marc. He also manages and assigns work for the 20 employees that make up our summer staff. He does a lot of the bookkeeping and most of the marketing work as well.

    During the winter he helps to build and repair docks and operates the hydraulic dredge that is used to dredge the marina basin. Kris graduated Ithaca College in 2009 with degrees in Business Administration and Philosophy. He then got his M.B.A. from Quinnipiac University in 2012. 

    He holds a 100 ton Near-Coastal USCG Master's License.

  • Michelle Riccio

  • Yard Manager

  • Years employed - 35

  • Michelle has worked at Cedar Island Marina since 1983. She is very knowledgeable about all departments of the marina and can either help or direct customers to the right person to serve all customers boating needs. She also assists in customers concierge needs as she is also familiar with most of the services available locally including transportation, lodging, restaurant, shopping, and local sights. Michelle is in charge of a vast amount of the customer’s experience. She works with new customers to find the right slips for them based on boat size, type, dock preference, and most importantly- neighbors! This helps to ensure that our customers’ experience is positive. Michelle is also in charge of payroll, billing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Her customer service skills are exceptional. 

  • Clark A. Johnson

  • Service Manager

  • Years employed 35 - Years in industry 51

  • We are proud to say that Clark has more experience and expertise in the marine service industry than almost anyone we have ever met. He has a reputation, which is unsurpassed, for his honesty and communication with customers both in terms of giving estimates for repair work or for just general advice that a boater might have. He is a master painter, which includes professional urethane applications, gel coat, AwlGrip, Alexseal, and refinishing/varnish. Many of the paint companies have so much faith in Clark that they use our facility to test their newest products. Clark is an expert with fiberglass application, mold building, working on running gear, and mast work. He is also a crane operator and operates the travel lift. Clark is the head of the service department and is in charge of delegating work to assure a smooth operation and finished services of the highest quality. Clark’s father, Craig, was our service manager for 25 years before Clark. Before that Craig built Bruce & Johnson’s Marina in Branford, CT. Clark’s grandfather owned his own boat building company in Branford as well.   

  • Lynn J. Martin

  • Service Representative

  • Years employed - 34

  • Lynn communicates directly with customers to insure their individual needs are met to the highest standard. She is the knowledgeable liaison between the service department and our valued boaters for the many services we offer, including: scheduling/coordination of hauling/launching, mechanical work, painting, fiberglass repairs, finishing/varnish, shrink wrapping, carpentry, warranty, service billing, estimates, and parts ordering. Lynn is the type of person that customers feel confident talking to both formally and informally about boating.

  • Courtney Wahl

  • Office Manager

  • Years employed - 20

  • Courtney oversees the ordering, pricing, and placement of items in our Ships Store. She is in charge of procurement of most of the items used in our service department such as: AwlGrip, Interlux, Pettit, Alexseal, bottom paints, boat parts and boat accessories. She also assists Michelle in boat slip rentals and customer service. She assists with employee scheduling and management of our summer staff. 

  • Marc Tardiff

  • Dockmaster

  • Years employed - 29

  • Marc has worked here his entire adult life since the age of 16. He started working as a maintenance employee and worked his way up to Dockmaster. Now, both Marc and Kris jointly oversee operations at the fuel dock. Marc also manages and assigns duty to the summer staff. During the off season, Marc is a history teacher at Wheeler Middle School in North Stonington teaching 8th grade students. He has been a teacher for 17 years. Marc is an extremely active individual and is involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. He is the high school cross country coach, a class advisor, and is the advisor to the middle school year book. Marc’s interpersonal and communication skills are second to none and have proven to be a valuable asset amongst our staff. During his spare time, you might find him boating, antiquing, or running. 

  • Tia
  • Tia Triesler

  • Research Laboratory and Camp Director

  • Years employed: 2

  • Tia joined CIMRL in the Spring of 2016 as our summer program coordinator. She moved from Ashland, Ohio to pursue her passion for marine life and graduated from the University of New Haven with her B.S. in Marine Biology. Prior to joining our team, Tia’ was a Program Coordinator for the kayak program at Schooner Inc. for 5 years. Tia’ and Lauren worked as colleagues at Schooner Inc. and have been a team ever since then. She has lifeguard and first aid training, along with extensive experience in on-water safety.

  • Research
  • Lauren Engstrom

  • Research Laboratory Assistant

  • Years employed: 4

  • Lauren first joined Cedar Island Marina Research Lab as a part time eductaor in 2015. She planned and coordinated our marine biology summer program for the year. Lauren is a candidate for for a teaching certification in biology from Southern Connecticut State University. Her experiences working in a aquaculture lab along with her knowledge of Long Island Sound's ecology make her well versed in a laboratory environment. This pairs well with the dedication she has shown to the lab in a short time. She has assisted and conducted research on coral propogation, reef tank maintenance and lobster hatchery methods. Her current research is on oyster reef restoration and an invasive species of anemone. 

    Her favorite part of working in the lab is the opportunity to educate minds of all ages about our treasured Long Island Sound, and she also loves telling puns about the ocean! 

  • Mark Toce

  • Mechanic

  • Years employed - 31

  • Mark’s background includes research and development of standard and prototype ignition systems, carburation, turbochargers, and high performance products. Prior to working at CIM, Mark built ignition systems at Echlin for many premier race cars. He is certified by Automotive Service Excellence in engine repair, tune-ups, ignition and electrical systems. Extremely Experienced in the marine industry, Marc performs all phases of engine, running gear, outdrive and accessory repairs. His specialties include: ignition, carburation, turbocharging, welding, and fabricating. 

  • Ted Welch

  • Mechanic

  • Years employed 17 - Years in industry 47

  • Teddy has worked in the marine industry his entire adult life. Before finding his home at Cedar Island Marina, he was employed at many different local marinas and owned his own business as well. While Teddy performs a vast variety of mechanical duties, he specializes in outboard and sterndrive maintenance. Teddy is genuinely one of the nicest and most friendly people there is and it is very often that customers will stop in just to socialize with Teddy. He is an expert on repairing and installing fuel tanks. He also performs engine installs/rebuilds on top of his many duties as a mechanic. 

  • Rodney Ballou

  • Master Painter

  • Years employed 39 - Years in industry 56

  • Rodney is another employee that has worked in the marine industry his whole adult life. Rodney’s father, Murray, was a boat painter all of his life so Rodney literally grew up in a marine environment. Rodney has brought to us a myriad set of expertise from painting to shrink wrapping. His painting experience includes working with urethanes, gelcoat, refinishing/varnish, fiberglass fabrication, and running gear work. Rodney is in charge of shrink wrapping in the fall and because of his expertise, our finished shrink wrap work is unparalleled. 

  • Timothy J. Connell

  • Master Painter

  • Years employed - 33

  • Tim is a marine specialist in Awlgrip, Alexseal, Interprotect barrier system gelcoat, and refinishing/varnish work. He attends painting seminars all over the country to make sure that we are on the cutting edge of the industry. He is an expert craftsman in fiberglass applications and repairs. He assists in shrink wrapping, dredging, running gear repair, hauling and launching, dock repair/building, and mast stepping. Tim also operates the crane, dredge, travel lift, forklift, and excavator. 

  • Michael Lombard

  • Painter, Sailboat Repairs, and Rigging Expert

  • Years employed 17 - Years in industry 27

  • Mike started working at Cedar Island Marina after many years of experience working at both Brewer's Bruce and Johnsons and Brewer's Pilots Point South, where his focus was working on sail boats. Mike is an expert at mast rigging and repairs. He also performs a variety of service work including: varnish, paint, fiberglass, and heat wrapping. Mike has a CT Pesticide Applications License for hazardous bottom paints and is experienced at painting aluminum hulled boats, including a variety of USCG vessels.  

  • Dave Vitaletti

  • Mechanic and Carpenter

  • Years employed - 11

  • Dave came to us after working in carpentry for over 18 years, which includes: house building, cabinet making and installation. Since beginning his employment with us, Dave has taken charge of the planning and development of our custom docks. He has a mechanical engineering degree and a background in mechanical work. He is competent in D/C and A/C electrical systems, waste system repair, engine alignment, running gear work, and engine rebuilds. He grew up around his father who was a mechanic for 47 years and his uncle who owned an automobile service station for 23 years. 

  • Jay S. Cove

  • Master Carpenter and Maintenance

  • Years employed - 11

  • Jay is the head carpenter and oversees the building and repairing of docks. He has over 28 years experiance building houses. Jay was the head foreman for 20 of those years. Jay is in charge of building maintenance, which includes but is not limited to: plumbing, roofing, siding, electrical, AC/Heating, and painting. Jay also assists with yard and service operations. He performs paint and mechanical services and operates the travel lift, fork lift, and dredge.

  • Andrew Dwyer

  • Mechanic

  • Years employed - 10

  • Andrew came to us as a graduate,ranking extremely high in his class, from the Marine Mechanics Institute. He partakes in a wide variety of yard operations such as hauling/launching, dock building/repairs, painting, and fiberglass repairs. However, Andrew mainly works as a mechanic, working on inboards, outboards, sterndrivesand boat systems such as AC, bilge pumps, and water systems. Andrew specializes in jet ski repair. In his spare time, Andrew works as a first mate on a charter fishing boat. He holds a USCG OUPV Captain's License.