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Yacht Clubs

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Cedar Island Marina is a great and affordable destination for yacht clubs traveling in Long Island Sound 


What makes us different? 

1.) We have a 360' long floating dock that we leave open on both sides solely for transient use. In total there is around 700' available for transients. This dock is wired with DirecTV, Free WiFi, Water, and Electricity up to 100amp single phase service.

2.) We have night security that work until 1am. This means that you will have an extra level of security and if you have plans in town, there is someone that will bring you so you do not need to call a taxi.

3.) We have a lounge/BBQ area, which can be reserved for FREE. This area can accomadate large parties and has: kitchen facilities, a pool table, fooseball, television, bocce court, horseshoes, a large BBQ area, a gazebo, and many picnic tables. It must be reserved in advance and books up fast!


    BBQ             Family Boating               BBQ


For large yacht clubs of over 25 boats, it is possible to have a party inside our service shed. We clear out our large room and you can enjoy the privacy of having your own building that can hold over 100 guests! This must be arranged in advance.

Black Rock Yacht Club Party               Pool               Black Rock Yacht Club Party